FOI Disclosure Log 2015


 FOI Reference  Description of Request 
 FOI 1-2015 Recategorised as a request under the Data Protection Act 1998 
 FOI 2-2015 Solicitor Fees for Medical Negligence cases
 FOI 3-2015 Number of Prescriptions Dispensed and Licenced Contractors in N.I
 FOI 4-2015 Average Number of Prescriptions Dispensed per month for Chemists in  Enniskillen Town
 FOI 5-2015 Average Number of Prescriptions Dispensed per month for Chemists in Fermanagh
 FOI 6-2015 Names of individuals who shortlisted for the post of Band 5 Regional Children's Nurse, job reference 73514055
 FOI 7-2015 Figures relating to the late payment of invoices and staff absences
 FOI 8-2015 Payments made to Dentists working in HSCNI

 FOI 9-2015


GP Ages by Practice


 FOI 10-2015 Recategorised as a request made under the Data Protection Act 1998 

 FOI 11-2015


Information relating to the Invitation to Tender exercise for the contract titled 'Supply and Delivery of Topical Negative Pressure Systems and Consumables

 FOI 12-2015 Information relating to specific ICT contracts for Server Hardware, Maintenance, Server Virtualisation and Storage Area Network Maintenance/Support

 FOI 13-2015

 Attachment 1

 Attachment 2

Websites visited by BSO staff during the period January 1st 2015 to January 31st 2015



 FOI 15-2015 Number of Prescriptions and Items dispensed for the period of January to December 2012, 2013 and 2014 for selected pharmacies
 FOI 16-2015 Race/Ethnicity Breakdown of BSO Employees
 FOI 17-2015 Nurse Prescribers in Northern Ireland
 FOI 18-2015 Start and end dates for various contracts

 FOI 19-2015 

 Attachment 1

 Attachment 2

Request for documents in relation to the BSO ICT Strategy, ICT Departmental Business Plan, Structure and Budgets


 FOI 20-2015 Request for written report, records and notes for an investigation into Three Islands Private Nursing Home
 FOI 21-2015 Prescription items dispensed and licenced contractors in N.I.
 FOI 22-2015 Information requested regarding the Framework/Contract titled 'UK-Belfast: Yoghurt'
 FOI 23-2015  Race/Ethnicity Breakdown of RQIA Employees
 FOI 24-2015  Contract Information
 FOI 25-2015  Number and Value of Outstanding Invoices
 FOI 26-2015  Contract Information
 FOI 27-2015  Recruitment Information
 FOI 28-2015  Recruitment Information

 FOI 29-2015

 Attachment 1

 Contract Information


 FOI 30-2015  Recruitment Information

 FOI 31-2015

Attachment 1

Attachment 2

Attachment 3

Attachment 4

Attachment 5

 Payment System Information






 FOI 32-2015 Interview Scores
 FOI 33-2015  Trade Union Payments and Staff Time Spent on Union Activities

 FOI 34-2015


 Documents relating to the coding of glucosamine


 FOI 35-2015 Information on contract for Wide Area Networks 
 FOI 36-2015 IT  equipment used by BSO at Centre House, 79 Chichester Street Belfast

 FOI 37-2015


Clarification on BSO Board Paper 35-15


 FOI 38-2015

Contract for Supply & Delivery of Butter, Spreads, Margarine & Hard Cheese

 FOI 39-2015 Prescription Items Dispensed from Community Pharmacies
 FOI 40-2015 Band 6 Occupational Therapy Waiting List
 FOI 41-2015  
 FOI 42-2015  
 FOI 43-2015 VMware Contracts held by BSO
 FOI 44-2015 Call Centre/Contact Centre & Network Service contracts

 FOI 45-2015


Contracts for the supply of Gas and Electricity


 FOI 46-2015  

 FOI 47-2015


Contract for the maintenance of Tail Lifts and Ramps


 FOI 48-2015


Nicotine Replacement Therapy products prescribed to children aged 17 and under


 FOI 49-2015 Leasing of Vehicles
 FOI 50-2015 Band 6 Pharmacy Waiting List
 FOI 51-2015 Social Worker SHSCT Waiting List
 FOI 52-2015 Number of prescriptions dispensed from selected pharmacies
 FOI 53-2015 Transfer of IT Services between BSO and NI Fire and Rescue Service
 FOI 54-2015 Contract for Plumbing Equipment
 FOI 55-2015 Number of prescriptions dispensed from selected pharmacies
 FOI 56-2015  
 FOI 57-2015 Prescription Cost Analysis
 FOI 58-2015 Prescriptions Dispensed in Northern Ireland
 FOI 59-2015 Band 5 Regional Physiotherapist Waiting List
 FOI 60-2015 Helpdesk, Network and Desktop Support Service Contract
 FOI 61-2015 Supply, Delivery and Fitting of Wigs Contract
 FOI 62-2015 Gas, Electricity and Water Contracts for SEHSCT
 FOI 63-2015 Band 6 Pharmacy Waiting List
 FOI 64-2015 Prompt Payment Reporting for April 2015
 FOI 65-2015 Registered Patients and GPs in Northern Ireland
 FOI 66-2015  
 FOI 414 Prescription Data for financial year 2014/15
 FOI 415 Tender for Project 19898 (Boiler Houses)
 FOI 416 Band 5 Occupational Therapy (Waiting List)
 FOI 417 Dispensing Doctors in Northern Ireland
 FOI 418 Fleet Vehicles (NIAS) Contract
 FOI 419 Copies of Records held by BSO PaLS
 FOI 420 Recover and Movement of Fleet Vehicles Contract
 FOI 421 Supply, Delivery and Fitting of Wigs Contract
 FOI 422 Social Work Waiting List preferences
 FOI 423 Band 6 Senior Finance Officer
 FOI 424 Facilities Management Contract
 FOI 425 Vehicle Fleet Management Contract
 FOI 426 Recycling, Waste Support and Maintenance Contract
 FOI 427 Legacy Invoices held by BSO
 FOI 428 Senior Accountant Recruitment Information
 FOI 429 Statistics on mental health usage by BME community
 FOI 430 Corporate Software contracts
 FOI 431 Band 5 Facilities and Complaints Officer (NIGALA)
 FOI 432 Various contract start and end dates
 FOI 433 Number of items prescribed to over 60s
 FOI 434 Bidders for contract: Maintenance of Patient Weighing Scales
 FOI 435 Copy of the NIPACS agreement with SECTRA
 FOI 436 Bidders for contract: Medical Consumables
 FOI 437 Small Business Commissioner Consultation
 FOI 438
 FOI 439 Invoice Backlog
 FOI 440 Email addresses for GP surgeries
 FOI 441  

 FOI 442


 Number of items dispensed for each pharmacy in Northern Ireland


 FOI 443 ICT Contracts
 FOI 444 Transportation of Deceased Remains contract 
 FOI 445 HSC Prompt Payment League Tables
 FOI 446 Prescription Dispensing in Northern Ireland
 FOI 447  
 FOI 448 Removal of patients from GP Surgery registers
 FOI 449 Invoice Backlog
 FOI 450 BSO Recruitment Advertising Policy
 FOI 451 HR activity since the inception of the Health & Social Care Board
 FOI 452 Investigations carried out by CFPS
 FOI 453 Band 6 Social Workers (Southern HSC Trust)
 FOI 454 Nursing homes referred to CFPS
 FOI 455 Northern Ireland Drug Tariff
 FOI 456 Software Contracts
 FOI 457 Banking, financial audit & card processing services
 FOI 458 Invoice Backlog
 FOI 459  
 FOI 460 HSC Pensions queries
 FOI 461 Devices and Instruments for Infusion contract
 FOI 462 ICT Contracts
 FOI 463  
 FOI 464  
 FOI 465  
 FOI 466  
 FOI 467  
 FOI 468  
 FOI 469  
 FOI 470  
 FOI 471  
 FOI 472  
 FOI 473  
 FOI 474  
 FOI 475  
 FOI 476  
 FOI 477  
 FOI 478  
 FOI 479  
 FOI 480  
 FOI 481  
 FOI 482  
 FOI 483  
 FOI 484