Can't get a doctor?

If you can get a doctor to take you as a patient voluntarily, it is a better basis for a good patient/doctor relationship. However, if you can’t get a doctor to accept you as a patient and you are not currently registered with a GP in the area in which you are living, you can ask BSO to place your name on to a doctor’s list.

You need to write to us at the address below, enclosing your medical card, if available, and ask to be placed on to a doctor’s list. This process is called assignment. If you have lost your medical card you need to tell us your name, address, date of birth and last GP with whom you were registered.

The assignment process is done on a rota basis so your name will be placed on the list of a doctor in your area, who is the next doctor due to get an assigned patient.

We will process your request for assignment within 48 hours of the receipt of your letter at BSO and you will be sent a new medical card showing the name of the doctor you have been assigned to.

Write to:

Assignment Officer
Business Services Organisation
2 Franklin Street