PaLS - Procurement and Logistics Service

The Procurement and Logistics Service, commonly known as PaLS, is the sole provider of professional supplies services (logistics and procurement) to all public Health and Social Care organisations in Northern Ireland. It is a recognised Centre of Procurement Expertise established under the Northern Ireland Public Procurement Policy as approved by the Northern Ireland Assembly, and was re-accredited in October 2013. 

Currently employing staff on sites throughout Northern Ireland the Procurement and Logistics Service has an operating budget of about £11m per annum. PaLS influences approximately £500m of goods and services spend per annum on behalf of Health and Social Care. 

Procurement and Logistics Service is committed to delivery of value for money services based on processes that are quality assured and accredited by NQA with ISO 9001 2008 for all services. In addition Procurement and Logistics Service is a Mark of Excellence winner in EFQM´s steps to excellence. 

Tendering Opportunities

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Procurement and Logistics Service manages the procurement of Goods and Services for Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Bodies i.e. Trusts, Board and Agencies.

These bodies include:  

  • Belfast Health and Social Care Trust
  • Southern Health and Social Care Trust
  • Northern Health and Social Care Trust
  • South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust
  • Western Health and Social Care Trust
  • NI Ambulance Service Health and Social Care Trust
  • Health and Social Care Board
  • NI Social Care Council
  • NI Guardian ad Litem
  • NI Blood Transfusion
  • NI Medical & Dental Training Agency
  • Beeches Management Centre
  • NI Practice and Education Council
  • Patient and Client Council
  • Public Health Authority
  • Business Services Organisation 

Our customer websites can be found at HSC Gateway –

The formal relationship between Procurement and Logistics Service and these Bodies is detailed through Service Level Agreements. Performance within these agreements is monitored through Procurement Boards which meet on a regular basis throughout the year, with KPI’s provided to measure performance against agreed targets.  


Link to NI Public Procurement Policy Handbook