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HSC Business Services Organisation (BSO)

The Business Services Organisation (BSO) has been established to provide a broad range of regional business support functions and specialist professional services to the whole of the Health & Social Care sector in Northern Ireland.

National Research Ethics Service (NRES)

The National Research Ethics Service (NRES). NRES comprises the Head Office function and NHS RECs in England. NRES works with colleagues in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to maintain the established UK-wide framework for ethical review of research.


Public Health Agency - Research & Development in Northern IrelandThe Health and Social Care Research and Development (HSC R&D) Division is part of the Public Health Agency. Its work is based on the principle that the best health and social care must be underpinned by knowledge, based on well conducted research, which can then be applied in the delivery of care.

The HSC R&D Division supports researchers based in Northern Ireland as well as those in Health and Social Care Trusts or other bodies who use the outputs from research findings. 

HSC R&D Division has a local focus but acknowledges that health and social care research is a global endeavour, and so, forms effective partnerships and close working relationships with our counterparts in the other UK administrations and in Ireland, the European Union and the United States of America.

Department of Health & Personal Social Services

The Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety was established by the Departments (NI) Order 1999. The Department administers the business of: Health and Personal Social Services, which includes policy and legislation for hospitals, family practitioner services, community health and personal social services; Public Health, which covers responsibility for policy and legislation to promote and protect the health and well-being of the population of Northern Ireland; and Public Safety, which encompasses responsibility for the policy and legislation for the Fire Authority, food safety and emergency planning.

Governance Arrangements (GAfREC)

Describes what is expected from health research ethics committees when reviewing research proposals.