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Serious Shortage Protocol - (information to follow)

New Contact Phone Number for FPS

2D Barcode Scanners Evaluation Report

Early Alert System Circular

Letter to Practices re Early Alert System


Our Role

FPS Pharmaceutical Services are responsible for the payment of community pharmacy practitioners, and the maintenance of the statutory Pharmaceutical List.

A wide range of information is also provided to the Health and Social Care Board, the professional advisors and the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety.

BSO Contact List for Pharmacies


 Items allowed/disallowed,    02895 363968
 Broken Bulk and Out of Pockets    02895 363968
 Oxygen and Pre-Reg Queries     02895 363552
 Submission of Scripts  02895 363677
 Adjustments to Account  02895 363560 
 Paid Item Queries and Returns  02895 363561
 Professional Advice  02895 363703
 Drug Tariff and Codebook Publications  02895 363562
 Margin Survey  02895 363562
 Pharmaceutical Payment Manager   02895 363548 
 Ordering Stationery  pharmacystationeryorders@hscni.net 














Please click on the links below for guidance on submitting queries to BSO and the Template to be completed and returned to PharmacyPaymentQueries@hscni.net    

Contractor Queries for Submission to BSO (MPS 2432)

Template for Contractor Queries for Submission to BSO










November 2015 Late Payment Correspondence

Letter to Pharmaceutical Contractors

Pharmaceutical Contractor Claims Protocol

Claim Form A

Claim Form B



Patients can click here to request a new medical card from BSO or update their personal details with our medical department.