Public Appointments


New ethical review arrangements for research involving human subjects, tissue or data have been introduced in Northern Ireland since 1st May 2004, to comply with a European Union Directive on Clinical Trials and the UK Medicines for Human Use (Clinical Trials) Regulations (2004). These arrangements have been applied beyond Clinical Trials to all Health and Social Care Research in Northern Ireland.

There are two Health and Social Care Research Ethics Committees (HSC RECs). The Committees comprise both expert and lay members. The expert members look particularly at the scientific side of the research proposals and the lay members are needed to be able to look at the proposed research from the participants’ point of view.

All Health and Social Care Research Ethics Committees exist to protect the safety, rights and dignity of people taking part in all health and social care research in Northern Ireland.

If you wish to know more about the work of  the Research Ethics Committees, you should contact the ORECNI Office by telephone on 028 9536 1400.

Applications for both Expert and Lay Membership

Public Appointment processes are regularly undertaken by the Business Services Organisation for both Expert and Lay members.

A public appointment round is now being run with a deadline of Wednesday 29Th May 2019 4pm.