BSO Communications (General Information & Circulars)

Changeover to Freestyle Libre 2 Sensors - Letter / Comparrison Table / Template / PIL 19th February 2021

Stock Requisitions : Learning From Recent Review  19th February 2021

HSC Staff Recognition Payment - 15th February

Controlled Drugs : Private Prescriptions (PCD1s) and Private Stock Requisitions (CDRF1s) - Reminder  10th February 2021

Prescription Submission Reminder   3rd February 2021

Learning from Serious Adverse Incident (SAI) : Action Required when a Patient Receiving Oral Substitution Treatment (OST) Misses Doses or Circumstances Change (Jan 2021)

Safety of Antiepileptic Drugs in Pregnancy - Updated Advice  28th January 2021

Prescribing of Vitamin D as a Preventative Measure Against COVID-19  22d Jan 2021

CPO to Healthcare Sector - Falsified Medicines Directive  14th January 2021

Data Capture from the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme  11th January 2021

Timing of Interval Between COVID-19 Vaccine Doses  8th January 2021

Import Declaration for Medicines and Medical Supplies  8th January 2021

Vaccination of Community Pharmacy Staff   7th January 2021 

Prescription Submission Reminder  6th January 2021

Human Medicines Regulations Amendment PGD  6th January 2021

Seasonal Flu Vaccination Programme 2020/21 - Extension to 50-64 Year Olds  6th Jan 2021

Deployment of COVID-19 Vaccine - Oxford/AstraZeneca Governance, Handling and Preparation in General Practice  5th January 2021 

Lithium Carbonate 200mg and 400mg MR tabs - Supply Alert - Updated 5th Jan 2021

New Variant of SARS-COV-2 Virus in South Africa - Action for HSC    Update 4th Jan 2021

Deployment of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine in NI  30th December 2020

Community Pharmacy Remuneration 2021/22  30th December 2020

New Variant of SARS-COV-2 Virus in South Africa - Action for HSC  24th Dec 2020

DOH Correspondence regarding Essential Services  23rd December 2020

The Human Medicines (Coronavirus) (Further Amendments) Regulations 2020  21 Dec 2020

Updated Resuscitation Council UK Guidance on The Management of Anaphylaxis in the Vaccination Setting  18th December 2020

Bilxona (Gliclazide MR) Discontinuation Letter and Appendix  17th December 2020

Prescriptions Issued by EEA Health Professionals Following Transition Period  17/12/2020

Businesses and Service Providers Trade Webinar 

COVID-19 Vaccination - Co-administering Vaccines to Care Homes  11th December 2020

Adrenaline for Anaphylaxis Kits - A Reminder to Health Care Professionals  10th December 2020 

Changing Lives Through Community Pain Support Programmes Bulletin  10th Dec 2020

Pfizer Biontech Covid-19 Vaccine - Updated Guidance on Managing Allergic Reactions 10th December 2020

Continuation of Seasonal Flu Programme by Peer Vaccinators  9th December 2020

COVID-19 Vaccination – Co-administering with other vaccines   8th December 2020

Deployment of the COVID-19 Vaccine in Northern Ireland  8th December 2020

Winter Vaccines and Research and attached Letter  7th December 2020

COVID-19 Antibody Testing Study  4th December 2020

National Patient Safety Alert - Emergency Steroid Card  3rd December 2020

Confirmed Influenza Isolates in NI - NICE Guidance on Use of Antivirals Now Applies   3rd December 2020

Managing Requests for Repeat Meds - Christmas and New Year Holidays  03/12/2020

Managing Requests for Repeat Meds - Christmas and New Year -  Appendices 03/12/2020

EU Transition Update - Stakeholder Engagement Sessions  3rd December 2020

EU Transition for Community Pharmacy  3rd December 2020

Prescribing Over the Counter Meds and Items on Stop List  2nd December 2020

Supervision of Opioid Substitution Treatment  25th November 2020

Useful Guide to Mental and Emotional Wellbeing Resources  24th Nov 2020

HSC Regional Staff Wellbeing Framework  24th November 2020

FPS - Supporting Health and Wellbeing Needs of Staff  24th November 2020

Letter to GPs and CPs - Repeat Prescription Guidance Implementation  24th Nov 2020

Prescription Submission Reminder  24th November 2020

(Addendum) - Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Programme  19th November 2020

Discontinue Use of Target and HSCB Antimicrobial PILs  19th November 2020

New Models of Prescribing (NMOP) - Next Steps  19th November 2020

Expression of Interest - Reg Health Care Professionals - Sessional Vaccinators for COVID-19 Vaccination Programme  17th November 2020

Consultation on Proposals to Change Medicines Responsibilities  12th Nov 2020

URGENT Alert to Community Pharmacies - Missing Prescription Pad  11th Nov 2020

Insulin Safety in Primary Care Supplement  10th November 2020

Letter to Trusts - Dispensing on Discharge from Hospital  29th October 2020

Dispensing on Discharge from Hospital (28 day supply policy)  Updated 18th Nov 2020

Levomepromazine 6mg tablets - Licensed Product  29th October 2020

Alert to all CPs - Stolen Dental Prescriptions (HS21D) Handwritten  28th October 2020

Repeat Prescription Management  28th October 2020

HSCB Guidance for Repeat Prescribing Management  28th October 2020

NI Medicines Management Newsletter  October 2020

HSCB Correspondence - Building the CP Partnership Programme  20th Oct 2020

Ending of Serious Shortage Protocol - Fluoxetine 40mg caps  13th October 2020

Healthy Living Centre Pain Support Programmes  7th October 2020

HSC Secure Email Go Live  1st October 2020

Primary Care Email Communication Policy to CP  1st October 2020

Community Pharmacy Services - Additional Funding 20/21  24th September 2020

MPS 2712 - NI Code Book - pdf full version retired  24th September 2020

Letter to All HSCW Encouraging Everyone to Obtain the Flu Vaccination 23rd September 2020

Learning - Controlled Drugs Stock Orders  18th September 2020

Independent Prescribing in Community Pharmacy  17th September 2020

Management of Seasonal Flu 2020 - 2021  17th September 2020

MDS  - CP Review of Patients Receiving MDS   4th Spetember 2020

MDS  - Survey Findings  4th September 2020

MDS  - Risk review  4th September 2020

MDS  - Referral Form  4th September 2020

MDS  - Summary Report and Claim Form  4th September 2020

MPS 2707 - Reminder - Prescription Submissions to BSO  3rd September 2020

Larvae / Biobag - Invoice Submission Now Required  28th August 2020

Recommencement of Minor Ailment Service  28th August 2020 



Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Programme 2020/21  20th August 2020

CP Flu Vaccination Service (CPFV) - Expression of Interest Letter

CP Flu Vaccination Service (CPFV) - Service Contract

Espranor Supervision Fee - UPDATE  12th August 2020

Shingles Vaccination Programme - Eligibility Criteria 2020/21  6th August 2020

MPS 2691 - Ranitidine 150mg & 300mg tabs - Removal from Drug Tariff  31/07/20

Home Enteral Tube Feeding Survey  31st July 2020

Training for Pharmacy Support Staff - Funding Extension  30th July 2020

Evidence of Harm from Illicit or Fake Benzodiazepines  27th July 2020

Prescribing of VSL#3 and Vivomixx Probiotics  22nd July 2020

Alert - Cannabis Oil Disguised as Confectionary  21st July 2020

Cannabis-Based Medicinal Products - Update  21st July 2020

Community Pharmacy Commissioning Plan 2020/21  3rd July 2020

Letter to Primary Care Practitioners - Learning from Reported Meds Incidents 02.07.20

Learning from Reported Meds Incidents Annual Report 2018

Community Pharmacy Commissioning Plan 2020/21  1st July 2020

New CD Stock Requisition Forms (Schedule 2&3) - 30th June 2020

New CD Stock Requisition Forms - Appendix 2

Misuse of Hyoscine Butylbromide (Buscopan)  17th June 2020

Re-Scheduling of Epidyolex (Cannabis Based Medicine) - Letter from CMO 15.06.20

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) as an Aerosol Generating Procedure  13.06.20

Letter from CPO and CAHPO - HCPC Registered Orthoptists 9th June 2020

MPS 2664 - Serious Shortage Protocol - Submission Information 27th May 2020

Pharmacy Alert - Missing Prescription Pad  20th May 2020

MPS 2659 - Clenil Modulite 100mcg Batch Variation - Key Dispensing Points  06.05.2020

Terbutaline 500mcg/dose Dry Powder Inhaler : Ensure Correct Quantity is Prescribed 05.05.2020

Addition of Omeprazole 10mg/5ml Oral Susp SF and 20mg/5ml Oral Susp SF NEW

Bank Holiday Friday 8th May - Opening Intentions  NEW

HSC Secure Email - Test Email Reminder  NEW

HSCNI Email Service - A Step-by-Step User Guide  NEW

End of 2019 - 2020 Flu Season and Related Issues  NEW

Additions to Palliative Care Stock List  1st April 2020

Stand Down Supervision Arrangements 

HSC Secure Email Letter and Step by Step User Guide 

Arrangements for Managing Prescriptions 

Postponement of Medicines Optimisation Quality Framework Workshop - 25/03/20 

Clinical Staff Encountering Patients with Respiratory Infections Arrived From Overseas 

EU Exit - Retention of Stockpiles - Chief Pharmaceutical Officer 

COVID-19 Becomes a Notifiable Disease 

CP Remuneration 2020-21 and Global Sum Fees 

Updated Advice (Covid-19) Coronavirus - Primary Care - Secondary Care 

Declaration and Self-Assessments 2020 

Update Advice in Relation to the Novel Coronavirus - Flow Chart - SPOC Contacts 

Cannabis Based Products for Medicinal Use - UPDATE 

Updated Advice - Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)  and  Flow Chart

CANCELLATION of Medicines Optimisation Quality Framework Workshop 

Wuhan Novel Coronavirus - Message For All Clinical Staff  and  Flow Chart 

Change to Infant Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV13) Schedule 

MPS 2616 - Invoice Submission - UPDATE 

Medicines Optimisation Quality Framework 

Melatonin Preparations - Prescribing and Supply 

MPS 2608 - Invoice Submissions 

Yellow Fever Vaccine - Extreme Caution and New Recommendations 

Confirmed Influenza Isolates - NICE Guidance on Use of Antivirals 

Supply Route for Insulin Safety Needles 

The Misuse of Drugs (Amendment) Regulations (NI) 2019 

Pertussis (Whooping Cough) Vaccination of Pregnant Women - UPDATE 

Christmas & New Year Holidays - Managing Requests For Repeat Meds 

Installment Dispensing Issues and Proforma 

Review of Topical Steroid Prescribing 

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning - Ongoing Vigilance 

Opicapone 50mg Capsules - Supply Disruption Alert 

Mitomycin Supply Disruption Alert 

Expected Delay - Fluenz Tetra Flu Vaccine 

MPS 2586 - Melatonin 1mg/ml oral solution sugar free

EU Exit Guidance 

New Measures to Help Manage Medicines Shortages 

Pharmacy Needs Assessment - Focus Groups 

MPS 2574 - Mianserin Supply Issue   

Management of Seasonal Fu 2019/20 (a) 

Management of Seasonal Fu 2019/20 (b) 

Update on BEXSERO (Meningitis B) Vaccine Patient Info Leaflet 

MPS 2573 - Provera 100mg tablets Supply Issue

Community Pharmacists Clinic Times 2019 - Seasonal Flu Vaccine 

MPS 2572 - Fluoxetine 10mg, 30mg, 40mg Caps Supply Issue 

MPS 2571 - Capsaicin Cream Supply Issue 

Phenobarbital Elixir Alcohol Level Guidance 

Letter to HSC Providers - EU Exit Update 

EU Exit Operational Guidance Letter from DoH 

EU Exit Operational Readiness Guidance 

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Further Information 

Support and Delivery of Domiciliary Care Payment 

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Supply Issues 

Delayed Diagnosis of DKA and Type 1 Diabetes in a young Adult 

MUR Service Evaluation - Patient Referrals to GP Practice 

Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Programme 2019-20 


CBD Letter to Pharmacists 

Pre-registration Pharmacist Placements Update 2019-20 

Pre-registration Pharmacist Placements Update 2018-19 

Supply Disruption - Emerade 500mcg and 300mcg Adrenaline Auto Injector Device 

Update on Cannon Hygiene Collections 

Use of Hernia Mesh 

MMS 1892 - Appliances and Drug Tariff 

MPS 2559 - Appliances and Drug Tariff 

Extension of HPV Vaccination to Boys Aged 12-13 Years   and Annex A 

Planned Exit of the UK from the European Union 

Joint Letter from BSO & McLernons - Connectivity to Pharmacy Portal 

Red Amber List Update - June 2019 

Disophyramide 100mg & 150mg Capsules Supply Disruption 

Epanutin Supply Disruption Alert  

Compliance Support / Medicines Adherence Payments 

Shingles Vaccination Programme - Eligibility Criteria 2019/20 

Diamorphine 5mg Injection Supply Issue 

Microgynon 30 and Ovranette tablets Supply Issue 

Yellow Fever Vaccine (Stamaril) Extreme Caution 

Rapid Treatment Required - DNP Poisoning 

Loestrin Tablets Supply Issue 

Community Pharmacy MUR Service 2019/20 

End of 2018-19 Flu Season and Related Issues 

MPS 2553 - Cannon Hygiene 

Wound Care Management Transitional Payment 

Guidelines on Choice of Glucometers and Ketometers for Adults Type 1 

Diabetes Consumables For Children and Young People Type 1 

MPS 2550 - Common Coding Issues 

Missing Prescriptions Alert 

Outcome of Review of Pre-School Childhood vaccination

MPS 2549 - Labetalol Tablets Supply Issue

MPS 2548 - Levomepromazine 25mg/ml injection supply issue

Pharmacy Alert - Stolen Prescriptions 

Critical Medicines Letter and Crucial Timelines 

MPS 2547 - Woundcare Management Products - Reminder 

Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics - New Restrictions and Precautions 

Gabapentin and Pregabalin - Schedule 3 CD from 1st April 2019 

MPS 2544 - Wound Care Products - Changes to NI Drug Tariff April 2019 

Cannabis Based Products for Pain 

Declaration and Self-Assessments Form 

Early Alert System 

Antenatal Rubella Screening

The Misuse of Drugs Act amendments

Medical Device Alert - Accu-Chek Insight insulin pump & Field Safety Notice

Metoprolol 50mg and 100mg Supply Issue

Exit From The EU - Medicines and Medical Supplies 

MPS 2540 - Wound Care Management : Changes to N.I. Drug Tariff 

Advice of Changes to Drug Tariff and Wound Care Products 

Implementation of the FMD (Falsified Medicines Directive) 

Pre-Registration 2019/20 

Medical Device Alert - Freestyle Libre Skin Sensitivity 

MPS 2537 - Pharmacy First Service - Patient Group Direction 

Patient Group Direction Document 

MPS 2534 - Larvae Products 

Misdiagnosis of Diabetic Ketoacidosis in Children 

Clexane 40mg Injection Supply Issue 

Reporting Medical Device and Estates Incidents