Optometry Referral Information

Referral Forms

 Regional Optometry: Eye Casualty Referral and Feedback Form

Optometry ECLO Referral Form - Updated June 2020

G1 Glaucoma Referral Form

GOS18 Referral Form

Macular Service Referral Form

OHT1 Ocular Hypertension Referral Form

OP OR1 Referral Form

Refined Cataract Referral Form

Local Enhanced Services (Forms & Information) 


Optometry Guidance & Infomation

Acute Eyecare Pathway Information - Dec 2020

BERT Score: Managing Patients with Flashes and Floaters

Eye Casualty Referral Guidance (Belfast & Western HSCT) - August 2020

Waiting List: Guidance for Optometry

Electronic Referral for Optometrists (eReferral via CCG)

ECLO Contact & Clinic Information

Eye Referral poster for Northern Ireland

HSC Trusts List of Ophthalmic Staff

Paediatric Eyecare - Referral Information

Refined Cataract Referral Optometric Guidance Notes



Letters to Optometry Practices re: Referrals

Letter re: CCG changes for NHSCT referrals

Letter re: Ophthalmology Referral Pathways Poster

Letter re: Revised Referral Forms

Letter re: Glaucoma Service Referrals

Letter re: Orthoptic Referrals Update

Letter Re: Orthoptic Referrals Update June 17

Letter RE: Destination & Referral Protocol Naming

CCG Northern LCG Optometry Practices - Orthoptic Referrals Info

Important Information: re: Changes to CCG effective from Friday 27/10/2017

Letter re: Advice on Referral Location

Letter re: Guidance Banners & Protocols

Letter re: CCG Orthoptic Referrals Update (Southern Area only) March 2018

Letter re: CCG Orthoptic Referral Destinations (Western Area Only)