Concessionary Prices

Concession for reimbursement prices in August 2019

The DoH has instructed HSCBSO to apply reimbursement prices as detailed below to all prescriptions dispensed in Northern Ireland for the following products. The prices will be effective for all prescriptions dispensed in August 2019 only. The published prices for these Part 1 products will continue to be shown both in the NHS dictionary of medicines and devices (dm+d) and the Northern Ireland Drug Tariff.

Concessionary prices are set by DH England following discussions with PSNC. Northern Ireland will apply all concessionary prices granted by DH but does not currently have the authority to amend these or issue additional concessionary prices.

This may not be a complete list and HSCBSO will update whenever new information arrives.

The reimbursement prices HSCBSO will apply are as follows:



Month Drug Strength Pack DT Price Concession
Aug-19 Betahistine tabs 16mg 84 £1.86 £2.99
Aug-19 Cyclizine sol for injection amps 50mg/1ml 5 £3.18 £15.93
Aug-19 Escitalopram tabs 20mg 28 £1.76 £5.00
Aug-19 Escitalopram tabs 5mg 28 £1.33 £3.25
Aug-19 Metoprolol tabs 100mg 28 £1.07 £3.40
Aug-19 Metoprolol tabs 50mg 28 £1.03 £4.85
Aug-19 Mometasone nasal spray 50mcg 1 £1.97 £4.49
Aug-19 Montelukast tabs 10mg 28 £1.43 £4.38
Aug-19 Pizotifen tabs 1.5mg 28 £1.55 £4.99
Aug-19 Prednisolone sod phosphate ear/eye drops 0.5% 10ml £2.00 £2.50
Aug-19 Tamoxifen tabs 20mg 30 £2.81 £3.75
Aug-19 Tolbutamide tabs 500mg 28 £3.97 £16.53