BSO Pharmacy Portal

The FPS Pharmacy Secure Web Portal (“The Portal”) can be accessed at the following URL:

Contractors must follow BSO ITS secure login protocols to establish a secure connection (via Cryptocard Authentication Token (Keyfob) and unique user credentials).

The Cryptocard Authentication Token (Keyfob) deployment to all community pharmacies is now complete and we would like to thank all community pharmacies for their engagement to date.

User Requirements

The technical requirements to connect to the HSCNI network and access to the Pharmacy Portal are:

  • A Windows-based PC with all security updates applied (Currently Windows 8.1 or 10 OS).
    • Support for Windows 7 ceased after 14th January 2020.
  • A supported Anti-virus application fully updated with the latest available virus definitions and real-time protection active.
    • Latest available list of supported Anti-Virus applications on the HSCNI network is available HERE (Updated 16th February 2021).
  • Internet Explorer (Ver. 11) must be the browser used.  All other browsers (Edge, Chrome, Mozilla etc.) are unsupported.
  • The Big-IP F5 Proxy software installed on your PC (On-screen prompts will guide you through this process).


The Login requirements to access the Pharmacy Portal and hosted applications are:

  • A Cryptocard Authentication Token (Keyfob)
    • Username:  BSO Contractor Number
    • Passcode reminder:  4 digit PIN + 6 digit code generated from Cryptocard
  • All User Agreement Documentation completed and returned to BSO.
  • Active user credentials for the pharmacies generic HSCNI Email application
    • Username example = hscni\pharmacy.0001
    • Password may be a temporary one issued by BSO or one changed by the user.

Please contact the FPS eBusiness Team via EMAIL for any further advice or assistance regarding connection to the HSCNI network, accessing the Pharmacy Portal and the hosted applications.