Troubleshooting & Minimum Device Specification


A common compatibility issue some practices have reported experiencing in OCS involves none of the search functions working when you are logged in to the site. Whenever you enter the patient HCN, name or date-of-birth to search for the patient record, there is no response when you click the Search button. There may also be no response when clicking the menu buttons for the different sections on the site such as New Claim or Reports.

This error is easy and quick to fix. It is caused by Internet Explorer updating and removing settings within the Internet Options menu. It can be fixed by following the simple instructions in the guide shown below. It may be worth printing this document and keeping it with your OCS User Manual as it may help to quickly resolve this problem if it ever occurs.

Adding websites to Compatibility View in Internet Explorer 11


Minimum device requirements to access the BSO Optometry Portal

All users please note, to access the portal your device (PC or tablet) must fulfil three requirements:


1. Operating System

Must use a Windows operating system with all available Windows Updates installed. These versions are currently accepted:

  • Windows 8.1 - Microsoft support for Windows 8.0 has ended and as a result it is no longer accepted on the HSCNI network for portal access to comply with BSO IT security policy. Windows 8.0 can be upgraded to version 8.1 (which will be supported until 2023) for free by following these instructions:
  • Windows 10

Please contact your own IT support for more information in relation to unsupported (or soon-to-be unsupported) operating systems such as Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.0 and advice on upgrading to newer, Microsoft-supported operating systems.


2. Web Browser

Internet Explorer only (preferably version 11 as older versions may not function correctly).


3. Antivirus Program

An active and fully up-to-date antivirus program that has been approved by OPSWAT for use with the BSO F5 VPN application.  A list of all currently supported Antivirus packages can be found by clicking HERE (Updated: 16th February 2021).


Clinical Communications Gateway (CCG) eReferral Installer

Users are advised to download this file only at the direction of the eBusiness team and not under any other circumstances. Users accept all responsibility and risk for downloading and installing this software.

CCG installer