Suppliers Q&A's - Prescribing Pathways Competition


Version 20/02/2019

  1. Are you seeking a system to record consent for accessing the ECR, which could be used by persons taking consent at the earliest opportunity and by others for the purpose of ordering/obtaining medications? 
    1. Yes we are looking for a system to obtain consent earlier in the process, in police custody and/or at court. 
    2. This would enable the ECR to be accessed and also the prison healthcare team to contact the person’s community care providers such as GP/ addictions or mental health teams if any clarification is needed. 
  1. Would such a system need to access the ECR?
    1. The prison committal team are currently responsible for accessing consent when someone arrives into prison. For consent to be obtained earlier it may involve members of the multi organisational team such as the PEECs prison escort team. 
  1. If consent is sought at the earliest opportunity from someone being transferred to prison, who would need to be present in order to do this?
    1. Digital Data transfer needs to interface with IT systems used in the process such as EMIS and ECR. 
  1. We note there was a briefing event on Monday 11th February.  Are you able to provide an audio file / transcript / summary points from that briefing?
    1. Yes we will make a video recording of the entire event via the BSO Website and we will publish the URL on an updated version of this Q&A document
  1. You define phase 1 as demonstrating technical feasibility “of the proposed solution”.  Can you confirm, is there already a proposed technical solution, and the requirement is to test the feasibility of this solution?  Or is the requirement both to propose a technical solution and to test its feasibility?  We think it’s the latter but would welcome confirmation
    1. The Bidder will propose a new innovative technical solution in their application process and then if appointed during Phase 1 create the prototype. In parallel in Phase 1 the supplier will plan the feasibility study/ field trial with the South Eastern Trust.
  1. If you are looking for us to propose a technical solution, we have a number of potential tech partners we can reach out to.  At the same time, if you are aware of any technical providers who are looking for research partners, we would be very interested to make contact with them.  Do you have any mechanisms for introducing tech and research partners with a view to them developing a joint bid?
    1. Consortium bids are welcomed
    2. We do not have a mechanism for introducing potential bid partners to each other. Organisations such as the AHSNs, the KTN-Health (part of InnovateUK) and InvestNI are often able to advise more locally on potential interested parties
  1. Are you looking for a solution to replace the ECR or to work along side it?
    1. We need the solution to solve a problem of connectedness within systems.  We are hoping for a full range of technology suppliers to design a solution for us.
  1. If you are looking for a technology to work alongside the ECR, is there a way to communicate with the ECR using an API to pull and push data to it?
    1. NIECR is primarily intended to pull information FROM other data sources for consolidated display
    2. Currently data Cannot be extracted from NIECR. This is mainly due to legal restrictions on the data for 3 party reporting. There are also some technical issues as a new “reporting” environment would need built.
  1. Do prison staff have their own pharmacy or do the staff have to go to the pharmacy that holds the prescription for the person in custody?
    1. Prison Health Service delivered by South Eastern Trust includes a pharmacy team and have access to all possible required prescription medicines.