Living Well

“Living Well” provides key public health messages and advice through community pharmacies that are contracted to provide the service. Through the Living Well service, pharmacies can help address risk factors which contribute significantly to the overall prevalence of disease in Northern Ireland. A campaign schedule has been developed that is aligned with public health priorities. Community pharmacists and pharmacy staff will display and provide information as well as give advice on targeted campaign topics to patients presenting prescriptions and to general pharmacy visitors.


Service Documentation

Living Well Guidance

Living Well Service Specification

Living Well Campaign Schedule 2019-2020

Campaign Evaluation Template

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If you have queries in relation to resource packs and delivery, please contact  Please ensure your email subject heading is titled “LIVING WELL PHARMACY CAMPAIGN”.


Campaign Summary Reports 2019/2020

Care in the Sun

Choose to Live Better

Stay Well this Winter

Keep Antibiotics Working


Campaign Summary Reports 2020/2021

Looking after your health and wellbeing during COVID-19


Campaign Resources


2020-2021 Campaigns

Distance Aware

Distance Aware Update  19th February 2021

A1 Distance Aware Poster - Pink

A3 Distance Aware Poster - Blue

A3 Distance Aware Poster - Yellow

Distance Aware Briefing Newsletter

Distance Aware Flyer

Social Media Schedule

Social Media Assets

Stay Safe Save Lives Twitter

Stay Safe Save lives Facebook

COVID-19 Vaccine Facebook

COVID-19 Vaccine Twitter

Distance Aware Launch

Distance Aware Badge


 Campaign 3 - How Are You Feeling ?

Living Well - Campaign 3 Update  2nd April 2021

How are you feeling - A1 Poster

Take 5 steps to wellbeing

Blank - Take 5 steps to wellbeing - A3 Poster

How are you feeling booklet

How are you feeling briefing newsletter

Take 5 steps to wellbeing - word search

Take 5 steps to wellbeing - colouring in page

Social Prescribing Resources

Online resource links

Social media schedule ( to follow )


   Campaign 2


                    Community Pharmacy Service - Living Well Campaigns  

                        Vaccinations Schedule Update - Extension  26th Jan 2021

                        COVID-19 Vaccination - A Simple Guide

                        COVID-19 Vaccination Resource Update - Adult Leaflet

                        COVID-19 Vaccination - Why do I Have To Wait -  Leaflet

                        COVID-19 Vaccination Guide for Adults Leaflet

                        COVID-19 Vaccination Guide for HSC Worker Leaflet

                        COVID-19 Vaccination Guide for Pregnancy Advice Leaflet

                         Campaign Update - Phase 2

                         A1 Poster - Vaccinations During COVID-19

                         A1/A3 Poster - COVID-19 Vaccine

                         A5 Leaflet - Vaccines - Essential For Your Protection

                         A4 Fact Sheet for Pharmacy Staff on Vaccines

                         NICPLD Courses        

                         Social Media Schedule


Campaign 1 - Coronavirus - Looking after your health and wellbeing

Living Well Evaluation Update Letter  11th November 2020

A4 Information Sheet - Help Us Trace Your Contacts

A3 Poster - Help Us Trace Your Contacts

Living Well Campaign Update  23rd October 2020

A5 leaflet - Coronavirus - Looking after your health and wellbeing

A1 Stay Safe Save Lives Poster

A1 Stop COVID NI App Poster

A1 Test, Trace, Protect Poster

 Latest NIDirect COVID information

Latest PHA COVID information

Protect against the flu

Mental and emotional wellbeing support

Physical activity support

Eating well

Drugs and Alcohol Support

Vitamin D

Stop Smoking

Stroke information

Heart attack information

Cancer information


Domestic and Sexual Abuse


Support for carers