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Parallel Exports :

A list of medicines that should not be parallel exported is available at and will be updated regularly. Medicines will be added to the list if they are needed to meet the needs of UK patients, and where parallel exporting leads, may lead, or contributes to a shortage.

Parallel export of a medicine on the list is considered a breach of regulation 43(2) of the Human Medicines Regulations 2012 and a contravention of the wholesale dealer licence, and may lead to regulatory action by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) which could include immediate suspension of the wholesale dealer licence.



Guidance on Shortages for Primary Care  14th January 2021

Sancuso 3.1mg/24hr transdermal patches (MPS 2750) - 14th January 2021

Prednisolone 5mg Supp (RPH Pharmaceuticals) (MPS 2667) - Updated 14th Jan 2021

Konakion MM (phytomenadione) 10mg/ml amps (MPS 2749)  11th January 2021

Lithium Carbonate 200mg and 400mg MR tabs - Updated 5th Jan 2021

Docusate Sodium 100mg Caps (MPS 2746) - 21st December 2020

Zemtard (Diltiazem) 240mg XL Caps (MPS 2745) - 21st December 2020

Colestyramine (MPS 2742) - 15th December 2020

Atracurium Besilate Sol for Inj Vials & Amps (all strengths) - 7th Dec 2020

Rifadin (Rifampicin) 100mg/5ml Oral Susp (MPS 2739) - 3rd Dec 2020

Trifluoperazine 1mg in 5ml syrup (MPS 2730) - 11th Nov 2020

Dulcolax (bisacodyl) 5mg and 10mg Supp (MPS 2729) - Updated 14th Jan 2021

Nalcrom 100mg caps (MPS 2725) - Updated 8th December 2020

Pneumovax23 pre-filled syringe (MPS 2724) - Updated 3rd Nov 2020 

Konakion MM Paediatric (MPS 2722) -  Updated 11th January 2021

Email sent to CP's - Shortage Information for HSC

Lorazepam (Ativan) 4mg/ml sol for inj (MPS 2716) - Updated 3rd Dec 2020

Normacol and Normacol Plus (MPS 2702)  Updated 14th January 2021

Oral Contraceptive tablets (various brands) (MPS 2684) - 30th November 2020

Ferrous Fumarate/Folic Acid (Pregaday) tablets (MPS 2679) - Updated 30th Nov 2020

New Measures To Help Manage Shortages - October 2019



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