Current Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

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Below is the latest information RE: Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Last Updated: 11th January 2021 (at 14:33)  


** Latest CMO Letters **

  1. HSS(MD) 4/2021 - 08.01.2021 - Timing of Interval between COVID-19 Vaccine Doses is available HERE

  2. HSS(MD) 94/2020 - 04.01.2021 - CMO Letters regarding the UK COVID-19 Vaccination programmes are available HERE and HERE.  A short statement from the JCVI about first dose prioritisation is also available HERE.  An extract from the CEM CMO 2020 / 044 Green Book is also available HERE

  3. HSS(MD) 93/2020 - 30.12.2020 - Deployment of the Astrazeneca COVID-19 Vaccine in Northern Ireland and Updated JCVI Advice on COVID-19 Vaccines is available HERE

  4. HSS(MD) 92/2020 - 05.01.2021 - New Variant of SARS-COV-2 Virus in South Africa; Actions for the Health Service in Northern Ireland in available HERE

  5. HSS(MD) 91/2020 - 23.12.2020 - COVID-19 Therapeutic Alert - Therapeutic Anti-Coagulation (Heparin) in the Management of Severe COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) Positive Patients is available HERE

  6. HSS(MD) 84/2020 - 10.12.2020 - Pfizer Biontech COVID-19 Vaccine - Updated Guidance on Managing Allergic Reactions is available HERE

  7. HSS(MD) 82/2020 - 07.12.2020 - Deployment of the COVID-19 Vaccine in Northern Ireland is available HERE

  8. Letter to the Profession from the 4 UK CMO's - 04.12.2020 - RE: Winter Vaccines and Research is available HERE

  9. HSS(MD) 77/2020 - 17.11.2020 - Expression of Interest to all Registered Health Care Professionals to become Sessional Vaccinators to Help Implement the Forthcoming COVID-19 Vaccination Programme is available HERE

  10. HSS(MD) 70/2020 - 06.10.2020 - COVID-19 - Shielding Guidance for Children and Young People: Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) is available HERE

  11. HSS(MD) 67/2020 - 17.09.2020 - Minimising Risks of COVID-19 Outbreaks in Healthcare Settings is available HERE.

  12. HSS(MD) 26/2020 - 19.04.2020 - COVID-19 PPE Guidance Update is available HERE


** Useful Links for Optometrists (should be reviewed regularly) **

  • Public Health Agency (PHA) - LINK

  • UK Government Response - LINK

  • PHE Guidance to health professionals - LINK

  • PHE guidance for primary care LINK

  • Click HERE to access the College of Optometrists guidance for all home nations.


  1. Optometry COVID-19 Bulletin No.1 is available HERE.

  2. Optometry COVID-19 Bulletin No.2 is available HERE.

  3. Optometry COVID-19 Bulletin No.3 is available HERE

  4. Optometry COVID-19 Bulletin No.4 is available HERE.

  5. Optometry COVID-19 Bulletin No.5 is available HERE.

  6. Optometry COVID-19 Bulletin No.6 is available HERE.

  7. Optometry COVID-19 Bulletin No.7 is available HERE.

  8. Optometry COVID-19 Bulletin No.8 is available HERE

  9. Optometry COVID-19 Bulletin No.9 is available HERE

  10. Optometry COVID-19 Bulletin No.10 is available HERE


Optometry CPD and Training: Webinars and Events is available HERE


Key Information

  1. Letter to Community Optometrists RE: COVID Vaccination (11.01.2021) is available HERE

  2. Letter to Optometry Contractors RE: Eyecare Service Provision during current COVID-19 Restriction Period (08.01.2021) is available HERE

  3. Letter to Optometry Contractors RE: Vaccine Programme (07.01.2021) is available HERE

  4. Re-establishment of Primary Care Ophthalmic Services - Operational Guidance (16.12.2020) is available HERE

  5. Letter from HSCB - RE: COVID-19 Vaccination Programme for General Ophthalmic Services (10.12.2020) is available HERE 

  6. Letter from Dr Brid Farrell, PHA RE: COVID-19 Antibody Testing Study (03.12.2020) is available HERE

  7. Letter from HSCB - RE: Supporting Optical Professions throughout the Pandemic (27.11.2020) is available HERE

  8. PHE - COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control Guidance (20.08.2020) is available HERE

  9. RNIB and Guide Dogs launch guidance on Social Distancing for NI (20.08.2020) - Social Distancing Guidelines is available HERE and Guidance from RNIB and Guide Dogs on Social Distancing is available HERE

  10. For NI PEARS carried out from 29th June 2020 please see MOS 333 HERE 

  11. Recommended PPE Poster - Primary Outpatient & Community Care Settings is available HERE

  12. Optometrist Key worker confirmation is available HERE

  13. Letter to Ophthalmic Contractors RE: HSC Complaints during COVID-19 (26.03.2020) is available HERE

  14. COVID-19 Optometry Contractors_Patient Signature Guidance (20.03.2020) is available HERE

  15. COVID-19 Optometry Business Continuity Plan (March 2020) is available HERE