General Pharmaceutical Services and Prescribing Statistics

Information detailed below is derived from the FPS pharmacy payment system. It includes information on pharmaceutical dispensing volumes and costs based upon payment claims submitted by community pharmacies, dispensing doctors and appliance suppliers.  This information does not include details of valid prescriptions that have not been taken to a contractor for dispensing.  It also does not include information on pharmaceutical dispensing activity from hospital pharmacies. 

Current Annual Publication 

Date published: 25th June 2020

Presents information on community pharmacy in Northern Ireland including detail on practitioners, premises and prescribing.

 FPS General Pharmaceutical Services Statistics for Northern Ireland 2019/20
 Annual Pharmacy Statistics Tables
 FPS General Pharmaceutical Services Statistics Infographic 2019/20 (Revised)
 FPS General Pharmaceutical Services Statistics Pre-Release Access List


Quarterly Pharmacy Statistics

This quarterly series is a subset of the annual information with data provided for selected key tables. The quarterly updates within a year should be treated as provisional and may be revised when figures are finalised to produce the end of year annual report.

 FPS General Pharmaceutical Services Statistics: To QE September 2020


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Previous publications

Please see the Pharmacy sections of the FPS Compendium Reports on our archived data page.

Family Practitioner Services Statistics for Northern Ireland 2017/18 to 2018/19