GP Prescribing Data

The Business Services Organisation (BSO) is the provider of the data. GP practice level prescribing data is obtained from the BSO’s prescribing and dispensing information systems. The data covers prescriptions that are prescribed by a GP or Nurse (within a main GP Practice), subsequently dispensed (by a Community Pharmacist, Appliance Supplier or Dispensing Doctor) and submitted to BSO for payment.

The data includes all prescribed medicines, dressings and appliances that are dispensed each month. If a patient does not take a prescription to a dispenser and get it provided to them, then the information will not be included in the dataset. Private prescriptions are not included in the data. Hospice items are excluded. Post-payment adjustments are excluded.

For each GP practice in Northern Ireland, and for each medicine (by presentation), dressing and appliance, the following information is provided:  The number of prescribed items that are dispensed, the quantity of tablets, capsules, liquid etcetera dispensed, the gross cost and the actual cost.

Monthly Datasets

The release of the GP Prescribing data is dependent on the completion of pharmacy payment processes but will be published here on or before the 5th of each month.  CSV version of the files can be found on the Open Data NI website.

Further information and advice on using the data can be found here:

**Data for January 2021 has been temporarily removed following a suspected error in the payment information. This will be rectified and reissued as soon as possible** 


Quarterly GP Practice Reference Files

GP Practice lists are required by users of the GP Prescribing data so that the prescribing data can be standardised based on the size of the GP Practice. They were previously published following the release of the GMS official statistics.

This information is now contained within the Family Practitioner Service GMS Statistics spreadsheet under the Quarterly General Medical Services Statistics section here . Please navigate to Table 1.6 to obtain the numbers of patients registered with each practice on a quarterly basis.