Information Technology Services

BSO ITS Structures

BSO ITS Senior Management Team

Business Systems

  • Support for existing Business Systems
  • Migration from old systems to replacement systems
  • ICT support for Business Systems Transformation Programme
  • Business System related Programme Projects
  • Service level Management

ITS ICT Business support

  • Programme Spend
  • Commissioning process
  • Quality management

Community, Social Services Primary Care

  • Support for existing Community and Social services systems
  • Development of support function for new systems procurement and implementation
  • Community, Social Services and Primary Care related Programme Projects
  • GMS ICT Support

Infrastructure and Architecture

  • HSC Data Centres
  • Regional Network Support
  • Service Desk
  • Desktop Support
  • Security
  • Web Services
  • IT Service Management
  • Infrastructure related Programme projects
  • Technical Design Authority support to HSCB

Integration, Data Warehousing & New Systems Development

  • Integration
    • Expand and consolidate capability
  • Regional HSC Data Warehouse
    • Expand and consolidate capability
  • New Systems Development
    • Targeted applications development
    • .net web based applications

Secondary Care Clinical Systems

  • Support for existing Secondary Care Systems
  • Screening Systems
  • Secondary Care related Programme Projects
  • Electronic Care Record
  • Integration between sectors
  • Clinical messaging

Programme Management

  • Implementation of Programme Project standards
  • Providing information to HSCB as Commissioners
  • Performance management
    • Reporting against progress time, resource and budget
  • Support, training and mentoring of project managers
  • Small team of “peripatetic” project managers

Electronic Health and Care Record for Northern Ireland